Welcome to our sailing base Euroregion Neisse at Berzdorfer See!

The lake Berzdorfer See is situated south of Görlitz with an area of almost 10 square kilometers. It originated from a former coal mine which was abandoned and then flooded. With its size, good wind conditions, and beautiful location, the lake offers ideal sailing conditions.

Our sailing base was founded in 2012 by the sailing club SVSB (Sportverein Schönau-Berzdorf) in close cooperation with two other clubs, LWF (Lausitzer Wassersportfreunde), and ISG (Industriesportgemeinschaft Hagen-werder). It is integrated into the Euroregion Neisse, and major infrastructure was funded by the European Funds for Regional Development.

We closely cooperate with the sailing clubs Delfin in Jablonec nad Nisou (Czech Republic) and UKŻ Pirat Bolesławiec as well as KS Turow at the Witka lake (both Poland). Our base offers dry berths for dinghies and catamarans, several club-owned boats, a rescue vessel, a slipway to the lake, toilets, containers for accessories as well as places for windsurfing boards and canoes. Our activities include joint sailing, international regattas in the Euroregion, sailing classes for children and teenagers, and campfires and lots of fun! For all further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via


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